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Those who buy Pegas Coupe in any modification of kit-car have a unique opportunity to become a constructor of real sport-car, to choose necessary utility from our catalogue, to assemble the car by oneself and with help of our detailed instructions. Producing our cars both in ready-to-use and kit-set  state we give everyone the possibility to create, to feel the pleasure of the exciting process of assembling your own Pegas when carefully-packed boxes of details turn into real car, attractive and amicable in garage and on the stop, smart and rush on the road.

Assembling your Pegas Coupe you define time and financial costs on your own. Gradually, by your wish and according to your financial abilities, we can mail out components for separate units, that then will be mounted on the car frame. You can buy spares separately and it’s not necessary that the will be required on the stage of assembling. If you enjoy possessing a small part of your future Pegas, we a ready mail you any interesting details right now. The only thing you need is to fill in a form. We particularly want to stress that creating the car you follow your own way, buying spares in any order and only in assembling being guided by our instructions.

Besides we propose a unique possibility of continuous improving of your “winged steed” by your wish and according to our specially developed for each model tuning programs. It will be realized by modernization of separate units (engine, chassis elements etc.) and setting sporting options.

Basic Packages Price, pounds (inc VAT)
Fully dressed Engine Assembly (1500 LADA) £ 667
5 Spead Gearbox £ 162
CoolingPack incl. Heater £ 67
Steering Pack (Ford Fokus I) £ 55
Fiberglass Pack (Couple L) £ 1.232
Frame (Couple S) £ 616
Interior trim (Couple L) £ 278
Full windscreen & wipes £ 218
Exhaust Pack (Couple S) £ 100
Lighting Pack £ 213
Seats £ 161
3PointSeatbelts £ 25
Wheel £ 55
Front Superension £ 185
Rear Superension £ 185
Tyes Yokohama 185x50 R14" £ 144
Wheel disks 5.5x14" £ 121
Brakes £ 87
Drive od wheels £ 113
Tank fuel £ 69
Mechanism of a choice of transfers £ 38
Pedal Block £ 63
Locks, Loops £ 151
Electrican devices £ 238
Admission, the air filter £ 41
Total £ 5.284
Additional Packages Price, pounds (inc VAT)
Fiberglass wings (Couple S) £ 300

Rate 29.05.22
£ 1 = 83,49 руб.
$ 1 = 66,40 руб.
€ 1 = 69,44 руб.
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